LiveKit Swift Client SDK Documentation

Class Live​Kit

public class LiveKit: NSObject  

The open source platform for real-time communication.

See LiveKit's Online Docs for more information.

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Download the Multiplatform SwiftUI Example to try out the features.

%247 LiveKit LiveKit NSObject NSObject LiveKit->NSObject

Conforms To




@available(*, deprecated, message: "Use AudioManager.shared.customConfigureFunc instead")
    public static var onShouldConfigureAudioSession: ShouldConfigureAudioSessionFunc? 

Called when audio session configuration is suggested by the SDK.

By default, defaultShouldConfigureAudioSessionFunc(newState:oldState:) is used and this will be handled automatically.

To change the default behavior, set this to your own ShouldConfigureAudioSessionFunc function and call configureAudioSession(_:setActive:) with your own configuration.

View defaultShouldConfigureAudioSessionFunc(newState:oldState:) for the default implementation.


    public static let version = "1.0.13"



@available(*, deprecated, message: "Use Room.connect() instead, protocol v8 and higher do not support this method")
    public static func connect(
        _ url: String,
        _ token: String,
        delegate: RoomDelegate? = nil,
        connectOptions: ConnectOptions = ConnectOptions(),
        roomOptions: RoomOptions = RoomOptions()) -> Promise<Room>  


    public static func setLoggerStandardOutput()