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One of the key reasons we started and work on LiveKit is to help developers build all the amazing audio, video and real-time experiences they envision. Our aim is to provide support as you prototype, go to production, achieve product-market fit, and quickly scale up. Being developers ourselves, we understand teams and products are at different stages with access to different levels of human and capital resources. Thus, we offer a few support options which we hope will satisfy any team as they integrate and scale their use of LiveKit.

Community support

Since the very beginning we've offered free support to the LiveKit community. Cloud-specific conversations happen in the #cloud channel. There are over 1500 LiveKit developers in this Slack instance, many of whom provide help with issues and excellent guidance to fellow members. The LiveKit core team also hangs out here and while we don't commit to any formal SLA in this forum, we generally try to catch up on conversations during the evenings and weekends.

Cloud Support

LiveKit Cloud accounts on a paid plan (i.e. with a linked payment method) may contact us at any time to report issues or for general assistance. Be sure to use the email address associated with your LiveKit Cloud account. The following are typical response times:

Priority LevelTypical Response Time
P1< 4 hours
P2< 8 hours
P3< 12 hours
P4< 1 week

Enterprise Support

LiveKit offers a high-touch, enterprise-level support plan for a monthly fee with an annual commitment. To discuss upgrading your support plan to this tier, please contact us. This plan also comes with additional benefits:

  • Dedicated Slack channel with the LiveKit team
  • Unlimited access to LiveKit engineers for integration/implementation questions or advice

Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Enterprise support is based on a 24/7 schedule and measured by response time. The following are definitions and enforcement criteria which should be used when filing tickets and setting expectations around receiving a response from the LiveKit team:

While you may report an issue and assign it a particular priority level based on your best judgement, the LiveKit team has the final say on priority levels and may reclassify issues after further discussion or investigation.

Priority LevelDescription
P1LiveKit services are down and/or unavailable.
P2LiveKit services performance is severely degraded. Latency or quality issues resulting in a customer's LiveKit-dependent features rendered unusable.
P3LiveKit services performance is materially impaired. A customer's LiveKit-dependent features are usable, albeit with high latency or poor quality.
P4Feedback or general assistance.

Enterprise SLA guarantee

In most cases, the clock from support request to response starts when the request is received and assigned the appropriate priority level.

Priority LevelResponse Time
P1< 15 minutes
P2< 1 hour
P3< 8 hours
P4< 1 day

How to report issues or file tickets

To file a ticket and/or engage with our team over support issues, reach out via email to [email protected].

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