Enhanced noise cancellation with Krisp.ai

Enabling enhanced background noise cancellation audio filters for your LiveKit Cloud project

LiveKit has offered built-in noise cancellation capabilities provided by libwebrtc since its inception. While this works well in the majority of cases, there are scenarios where more advanced noise cancellation is required.

For LiveKit Cloud customers, we have partnered with Krisp to enhance your users' experience with advanced noise cancellation capabilities. Krisp is a leader in AI-driven noise suppression technology

LiveKit's Krisp Noise Filter

LiveKit's Krisp Noise Filter currently supports our Web, Android, and iOS SDKs. Due to limitations in Krisp's SDK, it is only compatible with Safari browsers versions >=17.4 .

We plan to extend support to additional platforms in the future.


npm install @livekit/krisp-noise-filter


Once installed, import and enable it in your client codebase

import { Room, Track, RoomEvent } from 'livekit-client';
const room = new Room();
// we recommend a dynamic import in order to only load the required resources once you actually enable the plugin
const { KrispNoiseFilter } = await import('@livekit/krisp-noise-filter');
room.on(RoomEvent.LocalTrackPublished, async (trackPublication) => {
if(trackPublication.source === Track.Source.Microphone && trackPublication.track instanceof LocalAudioTrack) {
if(!isKrispNoiseFilterSupported()) {
console.warn("enhanced noise filter is currently not supported on this browser");
// once instantiated the filter will begin initializing and will download additional resources
const krispProcessor = KrispNoiseFilter();
console.log("enabling LiveKit enhanced noise filter");
await trackPublication.track.setProcessor(krispProcessor);
// once you want to stop the krisp processor, simply call
// await trackPublication.track.stopProcessor()