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Creating Projects

This explains how to create new Cloud projects and switch between existing ones.

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You can think of a Project in Cloud as your own hosted instance of LiveKit server. A LiveKit Cloud account can own or be a member of multiple projects. Billing and analytics data are scoped to a specific project.

Create a project

If you sign up for LiveKit Cloud directly (i.e. without being invited to a project by someone else), we'll ask you to create your first project:

Create cloud project

The subdomain you choose for your project must be unique and contain only letters, numbers and dashes. You'll use this address later as a host string when creating or connecting to rooms and/or other LiveKit Cloud services.

Multiple projects

If you've already created a project, or created your LiveKit Cloud account via invitation to a project created by someone else, you can create another project using the project switcher. You can also use this same control to switch between different project dashboards:

There's a typical pattern in software development to have multiple development environments, like local, staging, and production. In Cloud, this is best accomplished by creating three separate projects.

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