Downloading invoices

Paying projects can download previous months' invoices as PDFs on the project's billing page (accessible only to project admins) and clicking the "PDF" link in the "Statements" section.

Customizing invoices

By default, the invoice only lists your project name. Some customers require more information on the invoice, such as a billing address or VAT number. You can add this information to your invoice by clicking the ... menu to the right of the PDF link, then clicking Customize “Invoice to:” field.

This field is a plain text field that accepts any text. Newlines will be preserved on the invoice PDF. For example, you could include your business name and address like so, and the invoice PDF will have line breaks in the same places:

Acme Inc.
404 Nowhere Ln.
New York, NY 10001

After saving your “Invoice to:” field, you can click the PDF link to re-download the invoice PDF and it will include the new information.