Members and Roles

Multiple people can be invited to collaborate on a project in LiveKit Cloud.

Invite members to your project

To invite another person to work with you on a project in Cloud:

  1. Navigate to your project's Settings
  2. Select the Members tab. Existing members belonging to your project are listed here along with their respective roles.
  3. Click Invite Members.
  4. Enter the new member's email address and intended role.
  5. Click Send Invite.

Invited members will receive an email letting them know you've invited them to collaborate with you on your project. If they haven't yet accepted your invitation, you'll see this annotated in the project members list.


A project invite may be sorted into your invitee's spam folder. We consistently make improvements to our email deliverability, but it's a good idea to have them check their spam or junk mail folder if they haven't received an invite shortly after you sent it.


A project member is assigned a role when creating or being invited to a project. By default, the creator of a project is assigned the ADMIN role. Only admins may change the role of other members (including other admins). Each role grants access to certain features of a project's dashboard. Roles with greater privileges also inherit the capabilities of less-privileged roles.

ADMINInvite new members, access to Billing
WRITECreate and/or remove API keys
READAccess to analytics and telemetry