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Web recording


Web egress allows you to record or stream any website. Similar to room composite egress, it uses headless Chromium to render output. Unlike room composite egress, you can supply any url, and the lifecycle of web egress is not attached to a LiveKit room.


const output = {
fileType: EncodedFileType.MP4,
filepath: 'livekit-demo/web-test.mp4',
s3: {
accessKey: 'aws-access-key',
secret: 'aws-access-secret',
region: 'aws-region',
bucket: 'my-bucket'
const info = await egressClient.startWebEgress('', output);
const egressID = info.egressId;

Supported Outputs

Web egress supports the same output methods as RoomComposite: RTMP, MP4, and HLS. Refer to RoomComposite examples for additional details.