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audioLevel: number = 0

audio level between 0-1.0, 1 being loudest, 0 being softest

audioTrackPublications: Map<string, RemoteTrackPublication>
identity: string

client assigned identity, encoded in JWT token

isSpeaking: boolean = false

if participant is currently speaking

lastSpokeAt?: Date
metadata?: string

client metadata, opaque to livekit

name?: string

client assigned display name, encoded in JWT token

permissions?: ParticipantPermission
sid: string

server assigned unique id

signalClient: SignalClient
trackPublications: Map<string, RemoteTrackPublication>

map of track sid => all published tracks

videoTrackPublications: Map<string, RemoteTrackPublication>



  • sets the volume on the participant's audio track by default, this affects the microphone publication a different source can be passed in as a second argument if no track exists the volume will be applied when the microphone track is added


    Returns void

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