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Enumeration members

ConnectionQualityChanged = "connectionQualityChanged"

Connection quality was changed for a Participant. It'll receive updates from the local participant, as well as any RemoteParticipants that we are subscribed to.

args: (connectionQuality: ConnectionQuality)

DataReceived = "dataReceived"

Data received from this participant as sender. Data packets provides the ability to use LiveKit to send/receive arbitrary payloads. All participants in the room will receive the messages sent to the room.

args: (payload: Uint8Array, kind: DataPacket_Kind)

IsSpeakingChanged = "isSpeakingChanged"

Has speaking status changed for the current participant

args: (speaking: boolean)

LocalTrackPublished = "localTrackPublished"

A local track was published successfully. This event is helpful to know when to update your local UI with the newly published track.

LocalTrackUnpublished = "localTrackUnpublished"

A local track was unpublished. This event is helpful to know when to remove the local track from your UI.

When a user stops sharing their screen by pressing "End" on the browser UI, this event will also fire.

args: (LocalTrackPublication)

ParticipantMetadataChanged = "participantMetadataChanged"

Participant metadata is a simple way for app-specific state to be pushed to all users. When RoomService.UpdateParticipantMetadata is called to change a participant's state, all participants in the room will fire this event. To access the current metadata, see Participant.metadata.

args: (prevMetadata: string)

ParticipantPermissionsChanged = "participantPermissionsChanged"

A participant's permission has changed. Currently only fired on LocalParticipant. args: (prevPermissions: [[ParticipantPermission]])

TrackMuted = "trackMuted"

A track that was muted, fires on both RemoteParticipants and LocalParticipant

TrackPublished = "trackPublished"

When a new track is published to room after the local participant has joined. It will not fire for tracks that are already published.

A track published doesn't mean the participant has subscribed to it. It's simply reflecting the state of the room.

args: (RemoteTrackPublication)

TrackStreamStateChanged = "trackStreamStateChanged"

StreamState indicates if a subscribed track has been paused by the SFU (typically this happens because of subscriber's bandwidth constraints)

When bandwidth conditions allow, the track will be resumed automatically. TrackStreamStateChanged will also be emitted when that happens.

args: (pub: RemoteTrackPublication, streamState: Track.StreamState)

TrackSubscribed = "trackSubscribed"

Successfully subscribed to the RemoteParticipant's track. This event will always fire as long as new tracks are ready for use.

TrackSubscriptionFailed = "trackSubscriptionFailed"

Could not subscribe to a track

args: (track sid)

TrackSubscriptionPermissionChanged = "trackSubscriptionPermissionChanged"

One of subscribed tracks have changed its permissions for the current participant. If permission was revoked, then the track will no longer be subscribed. If permission was granted, a TrackSubscribed event will be emitted.

TrackUnmuted = "trackUnmuted"

A track that was unmuted, fires on both RemoteParticipants and LocalParticipant

TrackUnpublished = "trackUnpublished"

A RemoteParticipant has unpublished a track

TrackUnsubscribed = "trackUnsubscribed"

A subscribed track is no longer available. Clients should listen to this event and ensure they detach tracks.

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