Interface AudioCaptureOptions

interface AudioCaptureOptions {
    autoGainControl?: ConstrainBoolean;
    channelCount?: ConstrainULong;
    deviceId?: ConstrainDOMString;
    echoCancellation?: ConstrainBoolean;
    latency?: ConstrainDouble;
    noiseSuppression?: ConstrainBoolean;
    sampleRate?: ConstrainULong;
    sampleSize?: ConstrainULong;


autoGainControl?: ConstrainBoolean

specifies whether automatic gain control is preferred and/or required

channelCount?: ConstrainULong

the channel count or range of channel counts which are acceptable and/or required

deviceId?: ConstrainDOMString

A ConstrainDOMString object specifying a device ID or an array of device IDs which are acceptable and/or required.

echoCancellation?: ConstrainBoolean

whether or not echo cancellation is preferred and/or required

latency?: ConstrainDouble

the latency or range of latencies which are acceptable and/or required.

noiseSuppression?: ConstrainBoolean

whether noise suppression is preferred and/or required.

sampleRate?: ConstrainULong

the sample rate or range of sample rates which are acceptable and/or required.

sampleSize?: ConstrainULong

sample size or range of sample sizes which are acceptable and/or required.

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